Jose Vidal Company
by David Mead

June 12, 2010 — Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, London

Jose Vidal describes “Loop” as a “live performance and art installation.” The work was inspired by Renaissance paintings and contemporary photography, and while links with visual art are certainly clear, I found more connection with sculpture and classical friezes. Performed in the round as part of The Place’s Square Dances season, the work essentially involves the nine dancers moving from one group pose to another. It was a little like watching a game of Twister played out in three dimensions with the bodies of the participants, who climb on each other and use each other for support, as part of the board. Most frequently the transitions were quite sharp. Considering the complexity of the final positions, most were also remarkably organic and smoothly achieved as each moving mass of bodies morphed into a clear picture.

Ballet Dance 



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